Payment and Security

All payment options we offer are completely safe because of our security standards. Personal data such as credit card details are protected by technical encryption and additional authorization processes - both of which are transferred and stored as data.

Payment can be made via:

Paypal (Creditcards)


iDEAL is a secure form of internet banking where you are directed to the internet banking site of your bank during your order. You can safely process the payment of your order in the trusted environment of your bank. The payment details have already been entered for you. After you have received a confirmation from your bank, you will return to Airsoftlipo. You will receive an order confirmation. Since the iDEAL payment is processed immediately, it is immediately visible on your account statement. We immediately send your order to the warehouse so that the order is shipped as quickly as possible.

Paypal en Creditcard

Paypal is an extremely safe but very simple way of paying via the internet, without payment costs and linked to a bank or giro account of your choice. If you have a credit card, you can link it to your Paypal account. You can then make payments from your credit card without your credit card details going over the internet. Only Paypal then knows the credit card details: otherwise, the payment goes as described above. The debit will take place at the end of the month from your credit card if your Paypal balance is insufficient. Withdrawals from your Paypal account will continue to take place by making a transfer from your Paypal account to your bank or giro account of your choice.


You have the option to pay for your order in advance. You can choose this method when ordering. After you have sent your order you will receive an e-mail with the information you need for this. This information can also be seen during the ordering process. Once your payment has been processed by us, the order will be sent to you automatically. Always state your order number when making the transfer. We can then link your payment quickly and easily to your customer number.

Transfer the correct amount to the bank account below:

attn. Airsoft Goods
IBAN: NL93 KNAB 0255 5417 24
Bank: Knab
Plaats: Maasbracht


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